Thursday, 21st November 2019
No. 222 Oct/Nov 2019

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What is Web Express Guide?

The first edition of the printed Web Express Guide® was launched by our founder, Edwin Gladstone, in May 2000, on the Costa del Sol, Spain.

Having created what was probably the first internet website dedicated to the Costa del Sol back in the late 90’s, he realised that the next step was to make people aware of the internet address, because search engines then were still at their infancy and people still unfamiliar with internet in the early days.

Web Express GuideIn order to overcome the problem, he decided to print the web pages as a small magazine to distribute free all over the Costa del Sol so as to make people aware of it and the web. The idea was a roaring success and was well received by the local community who sent numerous messages that encouraged him to take the matter further. 

In order to maintain a continued interest in the publication as well as awareness of the website, it had to be a monthly publication with different articles in each issue, the same articles as published on the website.

This novel concept developed into what we can only describe as a "PORTAZINE"©, combining the words Portal and Magazine. Since then, most printed publications have caught on the idea to publish their printed work online.

We depend on advertising revenue and we are well aware that the Costa del Sol is a small multinational market, this is why we believe it is important to encourage and cater for a mid to high market of all nationalities in order to preserve a good standard of consumers on the Costa.

Web Express Guide® is aimed at a middle to high market of the Costa and this is achieved through quality of production, quality advertisers and a FREE distribution that is controlled by selecting the right distribution points so as to reach the desired profile readers and consumers. The main language used is English because it is the internet language and because it is the most internationally spoken language in the world. We do also use some Spanish and Russian.

There is a big difference bewteen a printed website and a publication online. The combination of online and offline advertising is a most effective promotional tool, taking local advertisers from their own location to a worldwide audience; what is extremely important is that Web Express Guide is very cost effective and extremely competitive compared to other media which are either too expensive or lack professionalism. 

The website is modern, simple and easy to use while meeting the latest Google requirements and, after all these years, it is well matured with loads of information classified between articles and the clients' directory. Both can be searched. We regularly maintain it and, whenever possible, add features intended to attract more regular users such as the live arrival/departure schedules at Malaga airport, live Sky News and live TV programs; mostly free of charge.

Our next objective is to take this service to other areas in Spain and even other locations; meanwhile we look forward to many more Web Express Guides to the satisfaction of advertisers, users and readers alike.