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No. 202 February 2018

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Mens sana in corpore sano

Is what the ancient Romans used to say. However these days the reverse may be more appropriate and say that a healthy body keeps a healthy mind. It is a known fact that you are what you eat therefore it seems logical to say that you are as healthy as the food you eat.
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The Chef at Kokomo says :- PANCAKES
Food Hall | RECIPES
The Chef at Kokomo says :- PANCAKES
As pancake day is looming, I thought it would make a change to have a traditional recipe as not many people actually make pancakes on pancake day, so this is a slightly healthier version. I have used wholemeal flour, low fat yogurt, skimmed milk and fresh berries. Great if you are still dieting from Christmas, and if not it’s delicious anyway
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A Professional Beauty Salon -
Health & Beauty | FASHION & STYLE
A Professional Beauty Salon -
Camerino 4 is a reputed hair & beauty salon in Estepona. They specialize in hair colouring, natural wicks, Balayage and the latest techniques in hair cutting. - Un salón de peluquería y estética
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