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Andalusian International Artists Group

Created to encourage men and women to enhance their knowledge and skills that will assist them in their artistic careers.

Andalusian International Artists Group
Calle San Valentin 6 - 7C
Mijas Costa
Location Map

+34 952 592 652 | +34 666 782 642
Visual Artists who are full time Artists
Sculptors who earn their living as such.
Professional standards
Exhibitors, both locally and Internationally
Have a web presence. Have an email address.
Must attend and contribute their time to the meetings of the Group

AIA - Andalusian International Artists Group

Founded in November 2004 by professional and dedicated visual Artists from around Europe living and working in the Provence of Andalucia in Southern Spain.

The members so far are located in the Mijas and Fuengirola areas.

The purpose of Andalusian International Artists is to encourage the group who have come together to promote their work and to provide an opportunity for men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in their careers as Artists and to promote best standards as Artists between people from diverse backgrounds; to provide a central marketing platform that encompasses media, public relations and promotional activities that can be tailored to each individual member’s requirements.

El propósito de Artistas Internacionales de Andalucía es estimular al grupo que se ha unido para promover su trabajo y así brindar una oportunidad para que hombres y mujeres amplien el conocimiento y las habilidades que les ayudarán en sus carreras como artistas, así como promover los mejores valores artísticos entre personas de formación diversa para proporcionar una plataforma central de comercialización que abarque medios de comunicación, relaciones públicas y actividades promocionales que se puedan adaptar a los requisitos individuales de cada miembro.

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