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The Tunnel

André, the owner of this restaurant, has had considerable experience; some readers might remember “The Viceroy of India”, one of his outstanding past successes. Therefore it follows that the Tunnel offers an extensive menu to cater for every taste.

The Tunnel
Casemates Square

This is a very unusual eatery. A forty foot long bar with hundreds of different beers and drinks and an extensive menu, makes the Tunnel an ideal combination of the Gibraltar club and pub scene.

Judging by the amount of people enjoying their lunch, it would seem obvious that this is a favourite location at lunch time, but we have heard that it is also a popular place for meeting friends after work. Week-end nights are probably livelier because there are live entertainment and competitions.

It should be mentioned that the restaurant includes large screens for viewing sport and current events and it also has a huge terrace outside.The atmosphere is excellent and it is a busy restaurant. The food is very, very good and what is incredible is that despite the expected level of noise, because of the number of people and televisions, you will not feel affected and can converse as one normally does.

Certainly worth a special trip to Gibraltar.

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