Tuesday, 18th May 2021
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Art Gallery

A contemporary art Gallery offering exclusive selections of paintings, sculptures, photographs, portraits. Currently exhibiting paintings by Eugenio Pardini and in collaboration with the Burn-in Gallery of Vienna, now showing the work of Renate Polzer, Heribert Jascha, Eva Pisa, Ingeborg Rauss and Josefina Temin.

Art Gallery
Art Gallery
Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery Marbella
Exclusive Paintings
Custom Portraits
Large Digital Images

 Renate Polzer Her work can be found in private collections and public places all over the world.




Heribert Jascha.  His work highlights graphic representation and drawing. Superimposing the first layers of drawing, the line reaches a compression in its pictorial worlds.


  Eva Pisa has taken part in in 80 exhibitions and in numerous international competitions winning in a number of prestigious awards


Ingeborg Rauss. In addition to her lively exhibiting activity, she is also a founding member of the Root gallery in Berlin and author of EX-POSITION

 Josefina Temin. She exhibits in large museums and cultural institutes in Mexico, Costa Rica, Portugal, Colombia and Italy. Insects and seeds are her main themes. Sculptures in paper, metal and stone

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