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Pilar Duran

Pilar Duran

Specialist lawyer in the removal of mortgage abusive clauses (clausula suelo), refund of excess interest paid on mortgages, recovery or refund of deposits paid on properties purchased on plan, refund of costs charged by banks on mortgages. Consumer claims against banks and large companies.

Pilar Duran
Bank Claims Lawyer
Recovery of moneys paid on scams to banks and large companies

+34 629 504 003 English | +34 665 585 681 Spanish
Mortgage Abusive Clause
Bank Interest & Charges Claims
Recovery of Deposit Paid on Properties
100% Bank Charges Recovery Success
No advance fees or payments
Recovery of Bank Costs

Pilar Duran is a Spanish lawyer specializing in the recovery of excess money paid to banks under abusive clauses as well as mortgage costs paid to banks (ie: survey, notary public, etc.) for items that banks require for their own security. Pilar Duran also specializes in the recovery of deposits paid to builders for properrties that were not built or delivered. 

Historically successful in 100% of cases. NO ADVANCE FEES REQUIRED AT ANY TIME.  

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