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El Cordero Benahavis - Restaurante Asador

El Cordero Benahavis is the only restaurant in Spain with an authentic wood burning oven. Traditional Spanish food cooked in the only authentic wood burning oven in Spain.

El Cordero Benahavis - Restaurante Asador
Wood Burning Oven
Leg of Lamb & Piglet
Oven Baked Fish
Goat & Steaks
Original Traditional Spanish Food

The main feature of the restaurant is the  wood burning oven, purpose built as an exact replica of an authentic oven. It requires a high level of skill on the part of the chef to produce dishes that have that special flavour that cannot be repeated in any other form of cooking.

Naturally there is an extensive menu. All fresh produce are fresh of the day and yes, you can have fried or otherwise prepared food, should you so order.

It is very good value because it is a family run business.

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