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Ocean Clinic

Ocean Clinic is a private Plastic Surgery Clinic in Marbella founded by Dr. Kai O. Kaye, Head Surgeon and Consultant for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. Located in two locations in Marbella including the prestigeous USP Hospital, we offer an outstanding and very personal service

Ocean Clinic
Cosmetic & Beauty Surgery
Non Surgical Beauty Treatments
Breasts Improvement
Weight Reduction
Face Lifting
Breast reduction

Beyond Beauty has become our metaphor, because one of its meanings reflects what most of our patients desire; being more beautiful and attractive, but it can be seen as well as an invitation to look behind, to understand what stands behind an attractive appearance in our days. Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine surely have become an important part in providing a young, healthy and beautiful look, and we want to assist you to achieve the positive effects of this new look on your life by ensuring safety, quality and peace of mind in all our treatments. With a longstanding experience of treating patients from abroad, Ocean Clinic offers you the complete range of surgical rejuvenation and body shaping procedures performed in a magnificent and tranquil setting at our installations in Marbella, one of the most fascinating locations of the Costa del Sol. Furthermore, we offer non-surgical treatments like Botox®, permanent and non-permanent fillers and peelings which can be performed even during a short weekend stay here in Spain. The consultations and surgical procedures are carried out in the prestigious USP Private Hospital of Marbella, providing the safety of a registered hospital with intensive care unit; laboratories and a full 24 hour staff. Depending on the kind of procedure, patients can either decide to take advantage of our luxurious private ward of the hospital as an in-patient, or they can have minor procedures carried out in the state-of-the-art surgery facilities, recover some hours in the hospital and spent the nights after in hotel suites arranged by us or at a place of their own choice.

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