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No. 236 January 2021

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i:candi creative S.L.

i:candi aims to develop first class creative, media and marketing solutions. Our menu is there to compliment your business; our talents encompass corporate branding & literature, editorial design, public relations, ad campaign development, media planning & buying and web development and design.

i:candi creative S.L.
communication agency
website design
campaign planning
media negotiation

Whether it be developing from scratch a corporate identity, a new creative approach to an existing ad campaign or a new perspective on media planning. i:candi's strength lies in our flexibility to create effective and unique ideas and strategies for any communication objective. our ideas are our clients solution, and so just as every one of our clients are unique and in need of an individual solution, so do we approach every project from a unique perspective. bottom line is our ideas must achieve results and inspire the customer to choose our clients brand over every other. louise brace and her team will help you meet your creative and marketing challenges.

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