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Cable Ski Marbella - a family fun Day

This attraction is either for those wanting to learn or improve their water skiing skills, or just for those who want a family fun day out.

Cable Ski Marbella - a family fun Day
Parque de Las Medranas s/n
San Pedro de Alcantara
Location Map

+34 952 785 579
Water Skiing

The cable system pulls skiers around the lake. Each trip around the lake lasts about one minute but the cable can be set at a speed to suit your ability. Slow for children and beginners and faster for the expert skier.

Inaugurated in 1993 and located in the natural park Las Medranas, Wakeboardcenter is the furthest south facility in Europe and for that reason we open almost all year round. We have an area of 2690 feet, which allows 9 people to ski at the same time. The cable-ski system helps you practice and train yourself to water ski in an easier, simpler and more economic way. Due to its 5 pulleys, it is a cable of little difficulty opposed to the conventional cables of 2 pulleys. After the reforms and innovations that were carried out during 2013, Wakeboardcenter is considered to be one of the best facilities in Europe, still trying to improve every year incorporating better modules and additional services.

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You can find more information on the Cable Ski Marbella - a family fun Day website.