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Kennels Costa del Sol from Sotogrande to Estepona & Marbella

Dog Kennels annd Cattery established over 20 years also available professional dog grooming.

Kennels Costa del Sol from Sotogrande to Estepona & Marbella
Pet Hotel & Dog Grooming

+34 952 891 773
Kennels - Residencia Canina
Dog Boarding - Hotel para mascotas
Dog Grooming
Cattery - hotel para gatos
Pets Surveillance 24 hrs
Dogs Hotel - hotel para perros

Our main activity is the keeping of dogs in rooms that can range from 1 day, weekends and even monthly periods per year.  24 hour surveillance.

For this we have accommodation specifically aimed at avoiding "kennel stress". Our large kennels do not allow much visibility with the neighbour to avoid the constant barking that wear out the dogs, daily walks, 1st quality food, and friendly service that make your dog spend a comfortable and relaxed time.
Dogs are housed in individual kennels previously disinfected.
In an attempt to give your dog the most familiar treatment possible, your pet will enjoy several walks a day within our facility.

Our cat houses are single, have different heights, scrapers, and generally several materials for their entertainment.
Each cat receives individual attention and is guarded 24 hours a day.

Every cat house is cleaned daily, the food is high end, however, if your cat take any special food or diet, please let us know.

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