Sunday, 20th June 2021
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Commandofitness Personal Trainer

As an Ex Elite Royal Marine Commando with over 10 yrs experience, I have the knowledge, background and determination to help you LOOK, FEEL and PERFORM better than ever before

Commandofitness Personal Trainer
79 Las Lomas De Riviera Club
Personal trainer
Fitness Trainer
Tone up
Weight Loss
Look Good

Karl a highly sought after Personal Trainer on the Costa Del Sol works with an exclusive and limited number of clients.

I believe we are all individuals and my attitude is one size does not fit all, this is why every training program is tailored to the individual client and extends beyond just exercise. I look at your lifestyle and eating habits as these factors are crucial in your health and fitness. Using my expertise in physical training, nutrition and stress management we will work together to build your energy and confidence as well as giving you’re the physique that you have always wanted.

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