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Hospital of the Encarnation

Hospital of the Encarnation
Hospital Bazan street
Old Town

Also known as Palace of Bazan. Another of Marbella historic buildings,it was built in the 16th century on the site of some Arab houses for Don Alonso de Bazan, Mayor of Castillo and Perpetual Regent of the city.

It has three Architectural styles mudejar, gothic and rennaisance which can be seen in the elements of its construction. Recently it has been tastefully renovated to house the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engravings.

You can see works by Picasso, Joan Miro and many others here. The engravings were donated to the city of Marbella by Professor Jose Luis Morales y Marin, a collector of art. Even if you dont visit the museum I suggest if you are passing to look inside the foyer, at the entrance are two stones found locally, the base of a Roman column with a Latin incription and an early Christian stone with cross cut into it. Further inside you will see the columns and brick arches of the original patio.