Sunday, 20th June 2021
No. 239 Upgrading 2021

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La Casa de Stefi - We now replaced with PET HOTEL

We just have finished building a high standard residence for cats and little dogs our own property. The door to our home are now open to accomodate cats and small dogs (max 10kg). We are a small business made up of two main persons, Loraine and Erwan.

La Casa de Stefi - We now replaced with PET HOTEL
Way of bathrooms 3,

+34 952 891 035 | +34 682 297 341
Cats Residence
Residencia para Gatos
Dogs & Perros
Colection & Delivery in Guadalmina
Servicio a Domicilio en Guadalmina
Cattery & Kennels

Every guest will occupy its own individual enclosure and all will receive lots of love and attention which will enable the pets to adapt to their life here quickly and happily.
Cats will be fed the same food as they have in their own homes, wich keeps them well balanced. Dog food will be "completely balanced" and crunchy as individually recommended by our veterinary. If necessary, the veterinary will adapt the food to suit the pet.
Every enclosure is totally protected from any outside danger.
Next time you need to travel, you can lodge your loved pet with us and know that it will be looked after and well cared for until your return.

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