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BMW Z3 1.9 Coupé

If you're looking for a decent second-hand entry-level 2-seat roadster, the Z3 could be the car for you.

This coupé version was originally launched in the late 1990s and was made until last year. James Bond fans will no doubt recognise it as the car that Pierce Brosnan drove in Goldeneye. You should find a fair number of them for sale at various dealers. The car came with a good array of extras as mentioned below. Look out for the existence of these in a particular model before deciding whether or not a quoted price is good.

Although the Z3 is very solid and reliable, it is not quite as sporty as its looks would suggest, so it is best to avoid larger engined models where this anomaly is most noticeable. RDS radio and alloy wheels will be found fitted as standard. Leather seats, cruise control and air conditioning were all extras so, if you spot these at a reasonable price, you could be on to a bargain. These cars remain popular and, as such, should retain a decent sell-on value.

Good Points - Two of the best points about the Z3 are its engine and gearbox - the car runs very smoothly and will give you very few problems. The Z3 does considerably better than other soft tops when it comes to keeping out noise, particularly on newer cars. Whether the top is up or down, the cabin is snug and comfortable. There is some storage space, but you wouldn't expect too much of this from a 2-door roadster.


Bad Points - Since the Z3 was based on an earlier BMW model (the 507 model from the 1950s!), and consequently not quite as agile as some of its competitors, it is probably best not to think of it as an out-and-out sports car but rather as a small and impressive touring car. There is a reasonable amount of space for passengers but this is not a car for the very tall person.

Twin roll-hoops behind driver and passenger seats. Power steering, traction control, ABS, driver and passenger airbags were all fitted as standard. Look out for side airbags which were extras.

Central locking, remote locking, immobiliser were all standard.

17" spoked alloy wheels.
RDS radio.

Top speed - 122 mph
Acceleration - 0-60 - 10.4 sec.

Fuel consumption
Urban - 25.7 mpg
Extra-urban - 47.1 mpg.


For a 2001 car, look to pay in the region of £14,900 - £16,500, depending on the mileage.

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Bad! Do your research! The Z3 is not based on the 507 from the 50s, only it\'s exterior is styled to look like it. Besides there was never a BMW 1.9 coupe... only the roadster was available with this engine...

Rated: 5/5 (5th February 2009)

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