Saturday, 19th June 2021

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Some interesting headlines

Some interesting headlines

Some interesting headlines from the Costa...

According to the INE, some 6.2% of the population throughout Spain is made up of foreign nationals.
(La Opinión de Málaga - 26th March).

Almost half the number of foreign nationals born in Spain are younger then 5 years.
(El País - 31st March).

Some 80% of children adopted by Andalucian families are from other countries.
(El Mundo - 30th March).

The foreign resident population has increased by 3% in two years. Marbella now registers an 18.28% of its people as foreign residents against a 15.3% in 2001.
(Tribuna - 2nd April).


Hotels in Andalucia have exceeded the 60% occupancy during the Semana Santa, a total of some 1.14 million bookings.
(Diario Málaga - 2nd April).

About 60% of U.K. travelers make for Andalucia. El 60% de los viajeros británicos van a Andalucía. It is anticipated that this year there will be a marginal increase to this figure.
(El Correo Málaga - 2nd April).

According to the Tourist Board, this year the Costa del Sol will receive some 8.6 million visitors.
(Diario Málaga- 6th Abril).

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