Tuesday, 26th January 2021

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The technique that offers images of the breasts in 3D for a more accurate diagnosis

How does this technique work?
Unlike conventional mammography  which obtains single images, DBT records hundreds of images to allow the view of the whole breast as it really is. These results are achievable just like drawing an arc, while taking continuous images at the same time. The reconstruction of the images obtained during the test enable a global and  precise 3D vision of the breast.

What are the benefits?
Simplicity: this makes it easier for the radiologist to oberrve a certain pathology to see if it is indeed a tumor or not, thus significantly avoiding the need of subsequent  unnecessary biopsies. More sensitive: it helps detect up to 40% more cases than conventional mammography. Early detection: the vision of the breast obtained by this  technique helps find potential injuries even if they are of a very small size, thus allowing for the implementation of less aggressive treatments should the final  diagnostic be cancerrelated. By avoiding tissue superposition, it is significantly useful in detecting damage in dense breasts.


What is the procedure?
It is the same as a normal mammogram. Externally, the equipment which acquires tomsynthesis images is similar to that of a mammography, but with one significant
difference, it has a moving tube head (unlike traditional mammography) which rotates around the breast, taking images whilst moving around in an arc. The  fundamental use of tomosynthesis mammography is early detection of breast cancer.

At HC Marbella we already use tomosynthesis as a diagnostic test so as to ensure a fast and accurate diagnosis, at the same time improving on the patient’s  experience.

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