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Jarad Anthony Higgins

Jarad Anthony Higgins

(December 2, 1998 – December 8, 2019)

Known professionally as Juice Wrld (pronounced “juice world”; stylized as Juice WRLD), was an American rapper, singer, and  ongwriter from Chicago, Illinois. His song “Lucid Dreams” has been played on the music streaming platform Spotify over one billion  times. “Lucid Dreams” along with his earlier hit single “All Girls Are the Same” helped him gain a recording contract with Lil Bibby’s Grade A Productions and Interscope Records.

Higgins stated his musical influences as being genre-wide going from rock music to rap music. Higgins stated that his biggest influences were rappers Travis Scott, Chief Keef, Kanye West and British rock singer Billy Idol. Higgins was among the ranks of  openly vulnerable artists born from the emo rap scene inspired by West’s influential fourth album, 808s & Heartbreak (2008).

Billboard writer Michael Saponara claimed, “If West and his sparse 808s were a tree, it would have grown another branch with the  nlossoming art displayed by fellow Chicago native Juice WRLD in 2018.”During an interview with All Def Music, Higgins imparted, “I was singing ‘Street Lights’ like I had shit to be sad about.

Kanye is a time traveler. That nigga went to damn near 2015 and came back with some sauce.” His other influences included Wu-Tang Clan, Fall Out Boy, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, 2Pac, Eminem, Kid Cudi and Escape the Fate.

On December 8, 2019, Higgins collapsed  and died from a suspected drug-induced seizure at Midway International Airport in  Chicago, after landing at Midway on a private jet from Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles. His death provoked an outpouring of grief across social media and the music industry. Higgins’ funeral was held in Harvey, Illinois five days later, on December 13, 2019.

On January 22, 2020, the Cook County Medical Examiner stated that Higgins died as a result of toxic levels of oxycodone and codeine present in his system.


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“Lucid dreams”
“All girls are the same
“Lean wit me”

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