Sunday, 20th June 2021

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Did you know that..?

Did you know that..?

A pick of useless but interesting newspapers extracts and topics, some even curious.

We could all use some alone time. Solitude suffers from a bad reputation, particularly in the West. But unlike loneliness, which is associated with conditions like anxiety and depression, alone time offers all kinds of benefits. Carving out time for ourselves can help us with emotional regulation, reduce burnout, boost our creativity and  improve our relationships with others. The key to healthy alone time? Choosing when and how we’d like to be on our own. When we opt into solitude, doing activities  we enjoy, we can relax and recharge. The New York Times

Most UK voters now think the EU referendum was a bad idea. A majority of UK voters now think it would have been better never to have held a referendum on Brexit,  according to a new poll. Researchers found that 57% of UK adults surveyed said that they believed it would have been better not to have had a public vote in June  2016. Just 29% of voters believe it was the right move. The Observer

Yale study finds people with posh voices get hiring boost. Having an accent perceived as upper class can help secure a job, according to a team at Yale University. They found that interviewers made immediate assumptions about socio-economic class based on the first few words they heard – and deemed upper class people more likely to be good at the role for which they were being interviewed. Daily Mail 


Employees respond better to women-led companies. A recent Peakon study found that employees of women-led companies, meaning those with more than 50% female leaders, feel a stronger connection to the company and their products. When over 60,000 employees were asked the question of “how likely is it that you would  recommend [Company Name] products or services to friends and family,” those at women-led companies answered 0.6 points higher than employees at male-led  companies. Inc

When to trust your gut. Relying on your instinct gets a bad rap, but there are times when it is useful, even advisable. During high stakes situations where there simply isn’t enough information to make a reliable prediction, going with your gut - the kind you have gained from experience - can push you off the fence in time to benefit  from whatever decision you make. Such calls can be critical, particularly in emergencies, where no decision may be the worst decision of all. Harvard Business Review

Take note of your lunching habits. Taking lunch breaks - instead of eating at your desk - has more benefits than you might expect. Some employees report wanting to  clock out right at 5 p.m., while others say they simply have too much on their plates for breaks. Studies suggest leaving your desks for lunch can improve work  performance and allow your body and mind to recharge, whether it’s a five minute or 30-minute break. The Washington Post

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