Thursday, 17th June 2021

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Did you know that..?

Did you know that..?

A pick of useless but interesting newspapers extracts and topics, some even curious.

Breast cancer deaths falling faster in UK than Europe. The rate of deaths from breast cancer is dropping faster in the UK than in any other of the six most populous  countries in Europe, new figures show. The rate of death from the disease has fallen by 17.7% since 2010-2014 thanks to improved screening, earlier diagnosis and  better treatment, according to an Italian study. Germany saw the next greatest equivalent reduction, at 12.5%, followed by France (12.1%), Spain (11.3%) and Italy  (9.7%), while Poland recorded a 6.1% rise. The Times

We do need constant praise after all. A major survey of employees has found workers need consistent  recognition which means those ad-hoc thank-you emails, a one-off “good job” or your company’s annual awards might not be good enough. The Reward Gateway survey found employees are demanding to be praised in more timely and meaningful ways. Also, 45% of employees thought their manager unfairly rewarded certain  people over others, and a third of respondents thought they had received inadequate rewards for their service. HRD.

Dealing with negativity in the workplace. Negative colleagues who constantly gripe are a drain on the whole workplace, but there are ways to deal with them. We recommend looking for a pattern to establish the source of the issue (does it come from a place of inadequacy, loneliness, fatigue?); withdrawing attention so they  don’t have an opportunity to vent; setting boundaries for your meetings so the conversation doesn’t stray; letting them know, delicately, how their behaviour is  affecting you; and, finally, tactfully escalating the problem to the boss. Editor       


Put your anger to good use. When we’re livid, many of us opt to calm down first before making any kind of decision. But research on consumer behaviour suggests that  nger may help us focus. Anger can push us to act with greater certainty. The resulting decisions are often more clearly based on our goals and we are more likely  to feel satisfied with those decisions, the researchers found. When we’re angry, we’re less inclined to make trade-offs. One key thing to keep in mind? Make sure the  anger is directed productively. Otherwise, things can get ugly. KelloggInsight.

Move over, ghosting - “breadcrumbing” is the latest dating term to make its way into the  work vernacular. If you’re being “breadcrumbed” at the office — meaning strung along - then it’s likely you’re not receiving regular feedback, your ideas aren’t getting  much encouragement, or you’re routinely being promised promotions that fail to materialise. To overcome the empty promises, ask your manager for honest feedback,  and establish a clear timeline on promotions. BBC

The handling of Brexit is a humiliation. 90% of  people think the Government’s handling of Brexit has been a national  umiliation, according to a Sky Data poll. A ComRes poll for The Daily Telegraph and The Express found that 35% of people support abandoning Brexit and  staying in the EU: 48% say they “just want Brexit sorted and don’t really care how”. Sky News   

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