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It is economic and advantageous to build your own home but...

It is economic and advantageous to build your own home but... need a reputable professional to help you achieve your dream successfully and within the time and budget available.

As a family business, Matecno SL is headed by Vicente Boscá and is dedicated to building management.

Vicente Boscá is a serious architectural technician and a building engineer, very well known by most developers in the area for his integrity.

Although it does pay to build your own, the initial problems that one encounters when building or improving properties in Spain are presented by the permissions and
licences required for the different aspects of construction. This could take time and can be costly especially when, after the work is done, the local authority has reasons to object. We have seen the unfortunate episodes that have taken place in different parts of Spain.

The next problem is to make sure that the work is completed on time to prevent the cost of labour exceeding the budgets, which can be very expensive. This is followed by making certain that the cost of materials is not exceeded through miscalculation or theft.

Vicente and his team will cover and take care of every single angle conceivable to make certain that every possible aspect of the building procedures is covered and detailed starting from acquiring the building permissions and licences to delivering the completed job on time within the budgeted costs.


Vicente Boscá believes in making absolutely certain that any deviation from the forecast is an improvement to it and not a step back whilst maintaining the highest standard of quality desired. MATECNO’s service can be summarised as follows:

  • Investigate the Feasibility of Each Project
  • Financial & Economic Viability Study
  • Investment Analysis & Project Financing
  • Planning & Building Permissions
  • Processing of Licenses & Permits
  • Building Budget Controls
  • Daily Building Cost & Time Controls
  • Daily Monitoring and Quality Control
  • Marketing Collaboration

MATECNO SL is also committed to introducing the latest technologies available in the market for all its projects. With the help of Oscar Boscá, also a technical architect
and building engineer, they have introduced the BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology, this monitors the complete life cycle of a building, from the beginning to its completion, using computer tools that allow to control all construction parameters down to the millimetre (deadlines, costs, future building maintenance etc.)

MATECNO, Architect - Arquitecto
Architects, Building & Construction Management iin Marbella, Sotogrande, Puerto Banus, Estepona, Maniilva, San Pedro, Avenida Manilva, 1 -1�G, 29692
+34 679 173 916
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MATECNO, Architect - Arquitecto

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