Saturday, 19th June 2021

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Did you know that..?

Did you know that..?

A pick of useless but interesting newspapers extracts and topics, some even curious.

London most expensive place to rent in Europe. London is the most expensive place to rent in Europe. and the fourth most expensive in the world, according to a new report. The study compared the average cost per month of a threebedroom home in 279 cities, with London - at £5,187 -coming out on top. European cities are seeing huge rental growth as Brexit bites, notes the report, with Paris seeing a £107-per-month boost as businesses relocate to the French capital.Daily Telegraph

The most coveted employee benefit of all? Time. In a tight labour market, companies have tried everything, from on-site hair salons to yoga classes, to attract and keep workers. But according to a national survey, what workers want most is simply more free time. Unlimited paid holiday emerged as the most desired benefit, with 72% of workers surveyed saying they’d want it over things like rewards for healthy living, paid sabbaticals or on-site services like laundry or childcare. Metro

The handling of Brexit is a humiliation. 90% of people think the Government’s handling of Brexit has been a national humiliation, according to a Sky Data poll. A ComRes poll for The Daily Telegraph and The Express found that 35% of people support abandoning Brexit and staying in the EU: 48% say they “just want Brexit sorted and don’t really care how”.Sky


Sitting down all day blamed for 1 in 9 deaths. One in nine deaths in the UK – tens of thousands every year – are caused by sitting down in an office all day, a study led by Queen’s University Belfast finds. Sitting for at least six hours a day costs the NHS £700m annually, researchers claim. They say office workers should be encouraged to stand up every hour and walk in breaks. Daily Mail

Europe will scrap daylight saving time from 2021. But whether the UK joins its neighbours depends on the results of Brexit. The European Parliament decided on last week to give member states the choice between remaining on permanent summer or permanent winter time year-round. The UK may be affected if it remains in the EU or during the transition period, and the development could potentially split Ireland into two time zones.The Guardian

Ultimate limit of human endurance defined. US researchers say they have found a formula for the top limit of human physical endurance after studying data from a 3,000-mile run, the Tour de France and other ultimate athletic events. The team, from Duke University, say the average person can expend at most 2.5 times the body’s resting metabolic rate per day – around 4,000 calories. BBC

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