Thursday, 17th June 2021

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Did you know that..?

Did you know that..?

A pick of useless but interesting newspapers extracts and topics, some even curious.

Welcome to the age of analytics. Over the course of a year, Google stores enough data from its search engine, maps, GPS and other services to fill more than half a million A4 pages for each of its users. Mail on Sunday

Alexa users complain of Christmas outage. Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa seemed to take at least part of Christmas Day off: users trying to get the AI interface to help them time cooking, turn on Christmas lights or play carols yesterday only got the response: “Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding right now.” It is thought a surge in new devices given as gifts caused the trouble. Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, seemed to work just fine. Daily Express

How the mighty have fallen. Reports suggest that, as employers, tech giants are losing their lustre. Google, which one survey ranked as the best company in Britain to work for last year, has lost its top spot to Anglian Water, and fallen to 13th place. Meanwhile, Apple has been overtaken by Nando’s and easyJet. Metro

Packaging weighs heavy in Christmas chocolate treats. A study has found that wrappers and packaging can make up almost half the weight of Christmas chocolates. The consumer group Which examined popular sweet treats in the run up to Christmas and found the Ferrero Rocher tray was the worst offender: of the total weight of the tray, 42% was packaging, and just 11% of that is recyclable. Sky


For those who have everything. In an unlikely collaboration, Adidas has teamed up with Transport for London to release a range of trainers inspired by the London
Underground. You can now pay homage to the Hammersmith & City line with your right foot, and the Northern line with your left. Evening Standard

Amazon file patent to allow Alexa to snoop. Amazon’s Alexa is set to get “a lot nosier”, reports The Times, as plans are developed for the digital assistant to eavesdrop on conversations and “whisper” shopping suggestions. The online retailer has filed a US patent for a “voice-sniffing” system that would analyse conversations where users had not actively chosen to talk to their digital assistant, in order to recommend products. The Independent

A drink a day ‘can shorten life’, study finds. One alcoholic drink a day can shorten the drinker’s life, according to researchers at the University of Cambridge. Analysis of 60,000 people found five to ten drinks a week are likely to shorten life by up to six months. People who drink 18 or more alcoholic drinks a week live six months less, on average, than those who do not drink, the study found. The Independent

Zuckerberg’s mea culpa. “We didn’t take a broad enough view of our responsibility, and that was a big mistake. It was my mistake, and I’m sorry. I started Facebook, I run it, and I’m responsible for what happens here.” Mark Zuckerberg, during his testimony at Congress. BBC The bottom line.

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