Saturday, 19th June 2021

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Did you know that..?

Did you know that..?

A pick of useless but interesting newspaper´s extracts and topics, some even curious.

Spanish on the rise in schools as French falls. Spanish is close to becoming the most-taught language in British schools, as the popularityof French diminishes, the British Council says.If current trends continue, the world’s secondmost spoken language will be the most popular at A level by 2020, and at GCSE level by 2025. There are 437 million native Spanish speakers
worldwide. The Telegraph

Chances of dying lessen beyond age 105. A person’s risk of dying gets statistically higher with each passing year - but then  decelerates from the age of 80 and plateaus at 105 and over, new analysis by an international team suggests. At age 68, there is a 2% chance of death; at 97, the chance is 30%. By 105, it is 50% but then remains constant, the study of 4,000 Italians found. The researchers say that the findings suggest there may be no fixed limit on human longevity. Washington Post

Surge in UK citizens acquiring nationality of UK countries. The BBC reports that there has been a surge in UK citizens acquiring the nationality of another EU country since the Brexit referendum. Last year, a total of 12,994 UK citizens obtained the nationality of one of the 17 member states the data covers, compared with 5,025 in 2016 and just 1,800 in 2015. The most common new nationality was German. BBC

The world in figures. Most people think the number of people living in extreme poverty is rising. The opposite is true. Both the number and the share of people in extreme poverty is falling. In 1990 more than every third person in the world lived on less than 1.90 international dollars per day; 25 years later, that number has halved. An unacceptably large number of people are still struggling awfully. But the trend is moving in the right direction. Forbes


Welcome to Versailles. The Château de Versailles, principal residence of the Kings of France from Louis XIV in 1682 until the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789, played host this week to the programme national de bien-être [national wellbeing programme]. Did you know that the gardens  have a 35 km piping system, unchanged since the 17th century, serving 55 pools and fountains, 600 water features, 235 vases, 155 statues, 700 topiaries, and where 300,000 flowers are planted each year...? Château Versailles

European Parliament have refused to disclose exactly how they are burning through an annual €40m of taxpayers’ money on their expenses. The decision to keep the details secret was made this week by the assembly’s Bureau, comprising the president and the vice-presidents, says the EU Observer. Each MEP receives €4,400 a month to cover items such as hotel, restaurant and travel bills. The Guardian

Woman are better drivers than men. DVLA figures show that woman are six times less likely to be disqualified from driving than men, and 23 times less likely to be disqualified for dangerous driving. RAC

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