Wednesday, 3rd March 2021

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by Ludovica C

Mario Montella is a successful entrepreneur specializing in luxury events with more than 20 years experience. He came to Marbella in 2007 from the capital of fashion, Milan. Elegance, sophistication, jet-set, glamour, exclusivity are the keywords of his success and the base of the exquisite and personalized services his company, BBEVENTS, renders to his international clients, who are only used to the very best.

BB EVENTS is proud of its long list of prestigious corporate and private customers over the whole of Spain. There is no event too complex or too large to be organized by
Mario’s company; he and his team are also great experts in outstanding branding and marketing strategies.

The superb organizing skills leave all types of customers with peace of mind knowing they are in the very best hands. BB EVENTS’ services comprise everything and anything a client’s heart desires, from corporate incentives, to concierge service, to an elegant declaration of love and marriage proposal… or not…this all depends on the client’s wishes!

Mario Montella’s philosophy is that special moments can even compensate for difficult life situations and that his company is there to help all clients organize the very best. He always aims at being the top available in his field. Since he started his career, being different and innovative marked his pathway, which proved him right when he opened the “Speakeasy Bar” in Milan; he was then only 23 years old and where he served an exclusive and unique menu, like Surf & Turf, a famous US dish which was then still pretty unknown in Italy.

After ten years of experience in managing successful events for his clients in Portofino, Cannes, Saint Tropez, Nice, he decides to rest and study the basis of a big project:- the UBIMAIOR CLUB, a private meeting point for high level members, with exclusivity and luxury as the very basis.


After participating three times in the Paris-Dakar race with his friends on a Range Rover, a strong, interesting and unique adventure according to this enthusiastic and
clever entrepreneur, that Mario Montella takes the decision to choose Marbella as the starting point of his company BB EVENTS, the perfect place after the well-known jetset destinations in which he already worked earlier as mentioned above, for his prestigious private and corporate clients.

From Marbella he manages all kind of events in Spain and, if the client so requires, also abroad, with the support of his second office recently opened in Madrid. What makes BB EVENTS really different is that if you need or wish for any special, extraordinary or extravagant, but also elegant, classic or “cool” party, incentive, meeting, anniversary, trip, etc…Mario and his team will surely make your dream an unforgettable reality!


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