Thursday, 17th June 2021

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My parking nightmare

My parking nightmare

I believe it could be solved if only the local authorities could see the possible benefit to themselves, to the local businesses and the local residents.

Every morning when I leave home, or whenever I want to use the car, firstly I have to try and remember where I parked it. It is quite a nightmare remembering while going round the different streets. Why? Because I am forced to park my car in a different place practically every time I return home.

The coming home of course is another nightmare, unless you have a private garage within your building, it is practically impossible to park legally anywhere near your home. This is because during the day the majority of legal parking spaces are occupied by employees working in the businesses in the area as they pounce on every free legal space available; in the evenings the same happens with evening workers such as restaurants, bars and their clients...

This is so counterproductive! Apart from the nuisance and the waste of time in both looking for a parking space and then for the car itself, the same problem is met by shoppers and visitors who would like to park their vehicles and spend some money visiting the local businesses. It is of little surprise that some businesses are suffering and some even close down. I cannot think
of anyone who wants to go to a decent restaurant and come back to a parking fine. I for one prefer to go where I can park peacefully.



It has been said that local authorities restrict the number of parking spaces to subsidise their income with multas, but then there are more intelligent ways of making money while solving this horrendous parking problem.

I believe that the first thing to do is to force apartment buildings to provide garage space for its residents instead of shop spaces that remain empty due to the lack of business for the lack of parking spaces. And… make a separate higher rate charge that the condominium needs to collect from the tenants.

Individual properties, such as town houses , that cannot possibly accommodate any garage space, should be allocated residential parking spaces in front of the house. I am certain that these dwellers would be only too pleased to pay for their space, even though they already pay the council for the use of their car on the road.

I have seen tourists parking their cars and caravans in legal spaces for the duration of their vacation forcing me to park illegally and pay the multa they have caused; they should be made to pay for the privilege of parking their cars. As a matter of fact long staying visitors could be
allocated paying spaces for the duration within specified council car parks.

Every other space available can then be charged for as the local authorities best see fit and even earn some more money in addition to the multas given against transgressors, which I am sure will still be around, but not at the expense of residents and local businesses.

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