Thursday, 17th June 2021

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Did you know that...

Did you know that...

A collection of useless but interesting extracts from different newspapers topics for after dinner conversation in Andalucia

Wine production ‘to fall on climactic events’. Global wine production is expected to fall by 5% this year because of “climatic events” causing sharp drops in production in most of the southern hemisphere. The International Organisation of Vine and Wine estimates output will reach 259.5 million hectolitres in 2016, making it one of the lowest production years in the past two decades. The Economis

World wildlife populations fall 58% since 1970. Wildlife populations around the world have fallen 58% since 1970, a new report by the Zoological Society of London and
the WWF says. Human activities including habitat destruction, wildlife trading, pollution and climate change have all contributed to the decline, which is most marked among animals living in lakes, rivers and wetlands. National Geographic

Did you know? The musical Phantom of the Opera, based on Gaston Leroux’s 1911 novella, is performed in 35 countries, has been by more than 140 million people and has grossed around £5bn worldwide, more than double that of any Hollywood movie. Sky

All 3.6m EU migrants will be allowed to stay in UK after Brexit. All EU nationals currently living in Britain will be allowed to stay following Brexit, after the government discovered that five in six could not legally be deported. Of the 3.6m EU citizens living in the UK, more than 80% will have permanent residency rights by the time Britain leaves the union in early 2019, official research has concluded. The remainder – more than 600,000 people – will be offered an amnesty. Daily Telegraph



Just two sugary drinks a day can double the risk of diabetes. Drinking two sugary or artificially sweetened soft drinks a day doubles the risk of diabetes, research from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden has shown. However, a serious soft drink habit consisting of at least five drinks boosted the likelihood of having the disease 10.5 times. The Guardian

Pound is now worth less than a euro at airports. Travellers were being offered as little as €0.97 to the pound on Friday as bureaux de change sought to profit from a slump in the value of sterling. Sterling has fallen 15% since the EU referendum and hit a 31-year low against the US dollar and a three-year low against the euro
last week. Evening Standard

Planet at its hottest for 115,000 years. The Earth is the hottest it has been for 115,000 years. More than a dozen experts, including the one widely credited with bringing the phenomenon to public attention, have published a new paper warning the world has heated up by 0.18C each decade over the past 45 years. The Observer

Porsches and Bentleys, which – despite their hefty price tags – are the world’s least reliable cars, according to What Car? magazine’s annual survey. They’re also among the most expensive to fix. Japanese manufacturers dominate the top of the list for reliability chart. Hondas retained their title as the cars least likely to break down. Daily Telegraph

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