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Things to remember when driving in Spain

Things to remember when driving in Spain

A few tips to play by the rules in case of a “It’s more than my job’s worth” copper.

If stopped by the police, you may be asked for and must have at all times your passport/ID, your driving licence, proof of insurance, and your vehicle registration. If you drive without a licence you can be arrested with an automatic sentence of 6 months in prison.

Your car equipment must include at least one EU approved red warning triangle and one EU approved reflective jacket, spare light bulbs, a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, a spare wheel, and a sticker indicating the
nationality of the car.

You must give way to traffic approaching from your left, especially at roundabouts! Careful at zebra crossings, pedestrians believe you can read their minds and do not even look before crossing,.

On motorways you must indicate before overtaking, only overtake on the left, and indicate again before pulling back into the nearside lane.

You must wear your reflective jacket if you get out of the car on a highway, especially if the police stops you.

Wearing seat-belts is obligatory - in the front and the back seats.

Children under 12 cannot travel in the front of a car without a child-seat/booster.

It is illegal for a driver to use a mobile phone, not even when stopped at the roadside.



If you wear glasses for driving, you must carry a spare pair in the car.Spanish drink-driving laws are very strict. Best not to drink at all if you are driving 

Parking is also prohibited in areas where the curb is painted yellow.

Although Spanish drivers seem to ignore the speed limits, be careful especially when driving a foreign plated car: The fines can be draconian.

  • Toll roads, motorways 120Km/h (75mph)
  • Other major roads 90 - 100 km/h (55mph)
  • Built-up areas 50km/h (30mph)

On the spot fines:
For most minor offences, foreign drivers will receive on the spot fines. If you don’t have the cash to pay them, the police may escort you to a cash machine! If you still can’t pay - you could be arrested and detained.

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