Thursday, 17th June 2021

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Did you know that...

Did you know that...

A collection of useless but interesting extracts from different newspapers topics for after dinner conversation in Andalucia

Discovery of oldest fossils means life on Earth began 220m years earlier. The world’s oldest fossils have been found in Greenland, suggesting life may have emerged on Earth earlier than first thought. The small conical structures, found on an exposed piece of rock in the sea, have now been shown to be remains of a living organism. The tiny shapes were created by prehistoric bacteria and preserved in sedimentary rock for 3.7 billion years. They are 220 million years older than the previous oldest known evidence for life. The Times

Junk food and lack of exercise blamed as child cancer cases rise by 40%. The warning comes after new analysis of official ONS statistics by Children with Cancer UK shows the number of cases has increased by 40% in the past 16 years. There are now 1,300 more cases of young people getting cancer each year. It is most evident in figures for colon cancer, which have more than trebled and thyroid cancer, which has more than doubled. The Observer

High and dry: World’s longest glass bridge in China closes after visitor surge. The Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge in China is the longest and tallest in the world. At 1,400 feet long and 984 feet high, it towers above the Grand Canyon glass walkway in Arizona. The former record holder is a mere 720 feet above the ground. Daily Mail

When the world knows your name. Why did Ricahrd Branson name his fledgling business empire Virgin? There were a number of contenders, with Slipped Disc proving popular, but then someone suggested Virgin, as they were all complete virgins (at business!) They all laughed, and the name stuck. Virgin 



What is the Meaning of SOS? Contrary to popular belief, S.O.S. doesn’t stand for Save Our Souls, it doesn’t actually mean anything. It was chosen because it is easily transmitted in Morse code as dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash, dot-dot-dot. Metro

EU in the UK. The UK has a population of 63.7 million, of which 5.3 million [8%] are non-British, and just over half of those – 2.9 million –are from Europe. Daily Mail

London will face the worst of post-Brexit downturn. London will bear the brunt of a post-EU referendum downturn, according to key indicators in the weeks since the UK voted for Brexit. Evidence pointing to job cuts, falling house prices and a decline in business activity in London suggest the capital, which was relatively unaffected by the previous downturn compared to other regions, might not get off so lightly this time. Financial Times

The bottom line. The estimated civil service cost of delivery full Brexit will be £5bn, which will take up to ten years and involve 10,000 people. An interesting fact for you. The International Space Station flies at an average altitude of 248 miles (400 km) above Earth. It circles the globe every 90 minutes at a speed of about 17,500 mph (28,000 kph). In one day, the station travels about the distance it would take to go from Earth to the moon and back. Metro

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