Sunday, 20th June 2021

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Did you know that...

Did you know that...

A collection of useless but interesting extracts from different newspapers. Topics for after dinner conversation in Andalucia

Schools are being urged to hold lessons in body confidence as a new survey reveals that one in four Britons is depressed by their appearance. A new project called Be Real aims to tackle the issue which campaigners say is trapping millions of people in the UK in an unhealthy cycle of depression, short-term dieting, cosmetic intervention and eating disorders. Daily Express

The Star Wars character of Chewbacca was inspired by director George Lucas’ big, hairy Alaskan malamute dog Indiana - who would always sit in the passenger seat of his car like a co-pilot. The dog was also the inspiration behind the name of one of Lucas’ other creations, Indiana Jones. BBC

A recent study of 188 countries found that more than half the planet’s 671 million obese people live in just ten countries – with one in ten of them living in the United States, where a third of adults are obese. The UK did not make the top ten. The Independent

Trick-or-treating is believed to have stemmed from the superstition that ghosts could disguise themselves in human form and knock on doors to ask for money or food. If they were denied, the spirit could then curse or haunt the person who refused. New York Times

Facebook now has as many users as there are people in China. The social network giant announced the statistic as it revealed that profits nearly doubled to more than $1bn. The number of users checking into Facebook at least once a month has risen by 14% to 1.35bn in the third quarter. However, it warned that spending will increase sharply next year and its revenue growth will slow in the fourth quarter. The Guardian


Contrary to myth, Michelangelo did not spend four years lying on his back painting the ceiling of the Sisteen Chapel, but was stood up on a platform he designed himself. He initially did not want to take on the project as he considered himself to be a sculptor and not a painter. Daily Telegraph

More than 700 passengers from 58 countries have already booked a flight on Virgin Galactic at a cost of £150,000 per ticket. Top Gear Scientists have found that a 10-second kiss can transfer as many as 80 million different types of bacteria. It was already known the mouth is home to 700 million different types of bug. Now, the new report by Dutch researchers reveals how some are more easily exchanged than others. The Times 

Australian actor and “Thor” avenger Chris Hemsworth is the world’s sexiest man, according to the U.S. magazine People. Past choices of the magazine, which began handing out the accolade in a 1985 cover story on
fellow Australian Mel Gibson, have ranged in age from 27, with John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1988, to 59, with Sean Connery a year later. Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Richard Gere have each been chosen twice. Metro

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