Saturday, 19th June 2021

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Did you know that...

Did you know that...

A collection of useless but interesting facts for after dinner conversation in Andalucia

A recluse believed to be Britain’s most obese person has died of suspected heart failure, aged 22. The body of Liam Johnston of  Livingstone, West Lothian, who weighed 419kg (66st), was carried out on a bed frame after firefighters removed his front door to make room. Daily Express

Are Britain’s clowns dying out? Clowns International, the country’s sole organisation representing the performers, has seen its membership drop from almost 1,000 in the 1980s to little over 100. The average age of members is rising, as fewer young people join the ranks. A growing number of people find clowns sinister, it is believed. Daily Mail

35% of Britons never do any exercise – less than the European average of 42%. Sweden tops the list, with just 9% doing no exercise; Bulgaria, with 78%, is at the bottom. However, 39% of Britons give up their time to coach others – behind Ireland (44%). Daily Telegraph

There are 2,170 billionaires around the world with a combined worth of £3.88trillion, which is double the figure from five years ago. London is the #1 destination in Europe, with 67 billionaires buying their main home in the capital. Paris boasts 25 billionaires while tax haven Geneva has 18. Daily Telegraph

Japanese carmaker Nissan has signed up to become a sponsor of the Uefa Champions League, Europe’s top club football competition. Nissan replaces Ford, which in March said it would cut its 22-year partnership with the event. BBC


Was Adolf Hitler married to a Jew? That is the question being asked after DNA analysis of hair found on a brush that belonged to Eva Braun seemed to show she had Jewish ancestry. She married the Fuhrer 40 hours before they committed suicide in his bunker. They had been a couple for 12 years. Many Jews in Germany converted to Catholicism in the 19th century. Daily Express

A study by the Food Standards Agency has found that many lamb takeaways and curries in fact contain another, cheaper meat - beef, turkey or chicken. Out of 145 samples, 43 were mis-described and 25 were beef. Which? Magazine, meanwhile, tested 30 takeaways in Birmingham and  found 16 had no lamb. Daily Mail

A planet detected by scientists using the Kepler telescope is the most similar to Earth yet found orbiting a distant star. Nearly 1,000 ‘exoplanets’ are now known but the new discovery, named Kepler 186f, is the closest in size and temperature to our own. It has the potential to hold liquid water, an essential for life. The Times

Children lose seven minutes of sleep every hour of television they watch a day, claims a new study by Harvard University. Researchers, who examined more than 1,800 children, found a “small but consistent association” between increased television viewing and shorter sleep duration. The connection appeared to be stronger in boys than girls. The Observer

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