Thursday, 17th June 2021

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Did you know that..?

Did you know that..?

A collection of useless but interesting facts for after dinner conversation in Andalucia

Tangled headphones, sun glare on iPads, cleaners taking a day off and disappointing air fresheners are among the ‘first world problems’ to torment the middle classes, according to a new survey. “Sometimes we forget just how good we’ve got it,’ said a spokesman for OnePoll, which carried out the study. The Observer

Coleshill was named the Viagra capital of England. The north Warwickshire town, with a population of 6,343, has the highest
rate of prescription of Viagra and other antiimpotence drugs of any region in England. A landlord of a local pub said of the news: “It’s a strange one.” Sunday Times

Across the world, 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. Coffee is the most popular drink on the planet. Daily Express

The Turkish immigrant credited with inventing the doner kebab has died in Berlin aged 80. Kadir Nurman set up a stall in West Berlin in 1972, selling grilled meat and salad inside a flat bread. The Times

A Norwegian man who bought £15-worth of the virtual currency Bitcoin in 2009 on a whim, and then forgot about it for four years, found it had appreciated to a value of £430,000. After spending a full day trying to remember his password, Kristoffer Koch cashed in £116,000 to pay for the deposit and restoration of an Oslo flat. Daily Express


Tutankhamun may have died as the first ever “boy racer”. The world’s most famous pharaoh’s death, in 1323BC, has been surrounded in mystery for thousands of years but British experts now believe that injuries on his body show he died in a chariot accident and that his mummification was botched. Independent on Sunday

A satellite-tagged great white shark who is the first to be seen to cross from one side of the Atlantic to the other may be pregnant, according to the team tracking her. Tagged off the coast of Florida last year, ‘Lydia’ crossed the mid-Atlantic ridge last week and turned in the direction of the United Kingdom. BBC

Cinemas became the latest target of anti-obesity campaigners. One box of sweet popcorn can contain up to 35 teaspoons of sugar; throw in an ice-cream and a fizzy drink and a cinema goer may find themselves consuming their entire week’s sugar allowance in a single sitting. Evening Standard

Forget any niggling doubt about whether to eat that crisp you just dropped on the floor: research indicates the “five-second rule” does work. A study by Aston University’s School of Life and Health Sciences discovered that food plucked off the floor within a few seconds is less likely to contain bacteria than if left to languish for longer. Daily Telegraph

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