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HINVES PIANOS & STEINWAY - New opening in Madrid

HINVES PIANOS & STEINWAY - New opening in Madrid

Classed as the best pianos in the world, Steinway & Sons now have a new official distribution centre for Spain.

Last October, Hinves Pianos inaugurated its new headquarters in Madrid in the presence of friends, clients and well known personalities from the music world. The event took place in Hinves Pianos’ premises in Getafe, Madrid.

In the presence of dozens of guest, the event was launched with a speech by Mr. Santiago Hinves, the commercial director, giving thanks for the continued support from Steinway & Sons in achieving this new stage and for their trust in Hinves Pianos to represent them in Spain. He also thanked all present for the love and support shown on such an emotional day.

Santiago Hinves also highlighted the great work and effort made by the founder of Hinves Pianos, his own father Jonathan Hinves, with the following words:- “amongst many other things, he has taught us both, my brother Patrick and myself, to love this beautiful profession. He is a tireless worker with unmovable work principles and ethics. He came to Spain more than 35 years ago and started his new life as an artisan and guitar maker and by chance, some 20 years ago, he started this nice new venture surrounding himself with pianos”.


The inauguration was attended by the regional sales manager for the Western Europe Steinway & Sons factory in Hamburg, Mr. Clément Caseau who thanked Hinves Pianos for the seven years they worked together in a way not ever experienced before with any distributor in Spain. In the course of this time he has managed to become its main partner in Spain, thanks to their hard work, perseverance and professional commitment.

To conclude the event, Mr. Caseau presented the Hinves family with a portrait of Henry E. Steinway, the founder of Steinway & Sons, whose objective always was to make the best possible piano, a philosophy they continue following today from the deepest to the most superficial aspects.

In addition to the sale of Steinway pianos and its subsidiaries Boston and Essex, the Steinway & Sons Hinves Center stocks preowned and used pianos of other brands, as it does in the shop in Granada.

Regardless of the level of investment made, Hinves Pianos undertake to make available the best piano in all its aspects. They are very passionate about pianos and want everyone in this world to be as enchanted and join them. Although they offer the best possible service it does not mean they are more expensive than the competition. You can rest assured that you will be provided with the best value in the trade.

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