Saturday, 19th June 2021

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Did youknow that..? - Sabias que...?

Did youknow that..? - Sabias que...?

A collection of useless but interesting facts for after dinner conversation in Andalucia

Researchers have analysed chimps in the wild and decoded a ‘language’ of 66 gestures which the animals use to intentionally send each other 19 different messages. The scientists say chimps appear to be the only other species than humans which deliberately communicates messages to each other . Daily

From 2015, tougher sentences will be given to disqualified drivers who then go on to cause accidents. Banned drivers who cause deaths will face a sentence of up to 10 years, instead of two, and a new offence for causing serious injury while disqualified will merit up to four years inside. The Times

Analysis of the oldest human faeces yet discovered has given weight to the belief that Neanderthals ate vegetarians, contradicting earlier views which suggested they were carnivores. Traces of both meat and plants were found in the fossil stools, discovered near a 50,000-year-old campfire near Alicante in Spain. London Evening Standard

Bad news if you’re pushing 40 - you may already be past the peak of your earning power. Workers typically reach the height of their earnings at 38 - nine years later than in the 1970s, the Office for National Statistics said. Women usually hit their salary peak earlier than men, it added. Metro

Seven internet service providers from around the world, and campaign group Privacy International, are taking legal action against the UK government’s monitoring service, GCHQ, accusing it of using “malicious software” to access their networks. The Times




Un juez prohíbe a un perro ladrar de ocho de la tarde a ocho de la mañana. El perro Medo, habitante de un pueblo del norte de Croacia, se ha metido en un lío por hacer lo que hacen todos los perros: ladrar.
Un vecino, harto de sus ladridos, ha ganado un pleito que condena a Medo a no ladrar durante la noche. De lo contrario, su amo,
Anton Simunovic, tendrá que pagar 2.800€. The Guardian

La nueva sede de la Inteligencia alemana, inundada tras el robo de varios grifos. La nueva sede de la Inteligencia alemana, inundada tras el robo de varios grifos El nuevo cuartel general del servicio de Inteligencia alemán, la BND, se ha inundado de agua después de que varios grifos hayan sido sustraídos por ladrones en las plantas superiores, ha informado este jueves la Policía. La nueva sede de la BND, prácticamente terminada y que ha costado 1.300 millones de euros, ha sufrido daños por varios millones debido a los daños provocados por el agua en varias plantas del edificio que está vacío en buena medida.

Facebook habilitará el botón «Me gusta, ero sólo como amigo» para ahuyentar a pagafantas. La empresa tecnológica arranca así su campaña «Honestidad Brutal», que incluirá nuevas funcionalidades como «No hace puta gracia» o «No, no pienso ir a tu merda de evento»

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