Thursday, 17th June 2021

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Did you know that..?

Did you know that..?

A collection of useless but interesting facts for after dinner conversation in Andalucia

Mobile phone users check their devices every six-and-a-half minutes, according to new research. The study by Nokia found that people use their mobiles 150 times during a normal waking day of 16 hours. Daily Express

A website promoting extra-marital affairs is one of the most popular in Westminster. Out of Town Affairs, which brings together married men and women was visited 52,000 times in just seven months from computers used exclusively
by MPs, peers and their aides. Access to the site has since been blocked. Guardian

Getting behind the wheel when bunged up with a cold is far more dangerous than drivers realise, researchers say. Sneezing,
searching for a tissue and nose blowing are to blame for 2,500 accidents a week in winter. It’s most hazardous on the motorway as drivers can travel 50ft with their eyes closed during a sneeze. Daily Mail

A recent poll of 1,000 adults reveals that nine out of ten of us believe there is nothing wrong with taking items such as towels and slippers from hotels without offering to pay for them. But it doesn’t end there: 88% of us are happy to use someone else’s unsecured internet connection, a third of us help ourselves to office stationery and 17% of us see a pick ‘n’ mix counter in a shop as fair game for freebies. Daily Express


4% of Facebook users say they spend less time on the site now than last year, while just 13% say they spend more time on it. Additionally, 28% say the site is less important to them now than a year ago, compared with 12% who say it’s more important. Decreases in engagement with the site seem to be most prevalent among the young: 42% of users aged 18-29 report spending less time now on the site. Harvard University

An investigation has revealed that more than 5,300 police officers in England and Wales aren’t fit enough to walk the beat. The PCs have been placed on restricted duties, usually on full pay, because of condition such as “fatigue” and “malaise”. Daily Express

Increasing use of GPS systems in the U.S. has contributed to keeping levels of traffic congestion down for the past few years, says CNN. The amount of time travelers spent in traffic peaked at just under 6 billion hours in 2006 and has stayed below that ever since. Other factors in the decline include better road design, faster clearing of accidents, and the Great Recession. The Economist

Since the global crisis the exclusive club of AAA nations has been shrinking rapidly. Only nine major economies are still rated triple-A by all three credit ratings agencies. Since 2009, Ireland, Spain, America, France Austria and now Britain have been downgraded. Of the world’s top eight economies (the G8 club), only Canada and Germany are still AAA. FT

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