Thursday, 17th June 2021

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Did you know that..?

Did you know that..?

A collection of useless but interesting facts for after dinner conversation in Andalucia

Singapore residents are the most downbeat in the world, according to a global poll. Residents from 148 countries were asked five questions about whether they were happy. Just 46% of Singaporeans said yes to all five. Top of the list were Panama and Paraguay, with 85%; the UK was on a par with Belgium on 77%. Daily Mail

Gordon Brown was exposed as one of Britain’s least enthusiastic MPs. The former PM has taken part in only three commons
debates since losing the election in 2010. He has declared 28 overseas trips since November last year. Guardian

Google is catching up with Apple in terms of downloads of software applications. Last month, Apple announced its 50 billionth
download on the same day as Google hit 48 billion. The data do not differentiate between paid-for and free apps. The Observer

Net migration to Britain has fallen almost a quarter, from 242,000 in the 12 months to March 2011, to 183,000 in the year to March 2012. The main factors behind the fall were stricter rules on student visas, and more people leaving the country to work abroad. Independent


Dogs are meant to be for life, not just for Christmas – but some owners don’t see it that way. The Dogs Trust charity reports that dogs have been given away this year for failing to perform tricks, not matching the sofa, not looking like their picture online and smelling too much like a dog. Daily Express

Just 10 per cent of people manage to keep their New Year’s resolutions for at least six months, according to new research. Just under half break their resolutions within a fortnight, blaming a lack of will power. 55 per cent of us have made New Year’s resolutions in the past, but just 23 per cent have made some resolutions for 2013. Mail

Betty Harris of Sydney left her neighbours £8m when she died. The neighbours had helped her with chores such as buying milk and taking out the rubbish. Her relatives, who said she was deluded when she wrote her will, failed to get the legacy legally overturned as they hadn’t spoken to her in 13 years. Times  

Mixed-race Britons are among the nation’s fastestgrowingethnic-minority groups with at least 1m people now born to parents from different ethnicities. The findings coincide with new polling that reveals only15% of people feel uncomfortable about interracial marriages. Twenty years ago, 40% of Britons expressed concerns about such relationships. Sunday Times

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