Thursday, 17th June 2021

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Did you know that..?

Did you know that..?

A collection of useless but interesting facts for afterdinner conversation in Andalucia

In Knightsbridge, London, a tiny single-room flat that measures ten-by eight-feet went on sale for £90,000. Overlooking
Harrods, it has reportedly received offers in excess of £120,000, perhaps because it comes with a sought-after parking
permit Rightmove

Switzerland offers the best quality of life. The Economist Intelligence Unit looked at various factors including economic growth, life expectancy, freedom and gender equality to rank 80 countries. Nigeria is the worst place to live. Britain is ranked 27th. The Economist.

The National Lottery gave up its hunt for a man or woman who had bought a winning EuroMillions ticket worth £64m in Hertfordshire in June. The money was given to charity instead. Express

The estimated eventual total compensation payment by Britain’s banks for mis-selling payment protection insurance (PPI) stands at £16bn. Three-quarters of the 22% adults who have taken out PPI have claimed compensation, or intend to do so. FT


Employers are more likely to hire people they fancy, researchers claim, as they find “leisure pursuits, background and self-presentation” are more important than skills. Telegraph

A rare vase was sold for £2.5m after sitting in a room for 45 years. The owners had no idea it was a 300 year-old piece from
Chinese Qing Dynasty Express

Students send an average more than 100 texts a day - the equivalent of around 3,200 messages a month - and check their phones times in a typical day. In all, students spend about seven hours day interacting with information and communication technology Mail

According to a survey by The Halifax, the typical Briton has £1.61 in loose change down back of the sofa - which adds up to £42million across the nation. Telegraph

In 1664 Oliver Cromwell set up the Fellowship of Master Hackney Carriages by Act of Parliament, and taxi driving became a profession. This makes the licensed taxi trade the oldest regulated public transport system in the world. Guardian

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