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Evviva l’Italia

Evviva lÂ’Italia

Exposing Fake Pizza on the Costa del Sol

We all know how popular Italian food is, especially pizza, however I find it most annoying when visiting a restaurant or pizzeria that seem to take advantage of the fact that, being outside Italy, they assume the consumer does not quite know what the real taste of Italian food is like.

This is probably because they actually do not know themselves or do not use original ingredients or just take short cuts in the preparation. Having been brought up with food like mama makes, I find "fake pizza" quite offensive and deceptive because if the clients are not familiar with the real taste they will be subjected to an experience that might put them off this type of food all together.

Why donÂ’t people stick to what they know? For instance I am a great lover of pizza, but when I say pizza I mean pizza done, looking and tasting as intended; I mean real pizza not some of these cheap imitations that you find just about everywhere all over the Costa. There are far too many copycats who spoil the market for everyone else and at the same time deceive consumers into thinking that what they are eating is actually pizza.

It is difficult to explain what a real pizza should look like, it is not a perfect round object because it is made by hand but I canÂ’t even begin to describe the taste and the aroma. There are only a few places on the Costa where I have eaten a pizza as close to the original as I know, although not baked in a brick oven:

  • In Estepona & Estepona Laguna Village: La Pappardella
  • In Sotogrande: La Dolce Vita
  • In Guadalmina Alta: Da Mario
  • San Pedro: Fantasia
  • Paseo Sabinillas: Al Solito Posto


Of course there may be others that I am not aware of, although I have tried quite a number especially in my vicinity.

You do not go to a Moroccan restaurant for a traditional Sunday dinner, so why go to a fish & chips shop to eat pasta & pizza? What is the point of that?

When you walk into the Papardella in Estepona, the first thing that hits you is the atmosphere, you just know that it is an upmarket Italian Restaurant offering some well presented real Italian cuisine.

This is the same of any Italian restaurant; they may appear to be different on the surface but they are all run by Italians who take the trouble to place some genuine food on your table. At Dolce Vita in Torreguadiaro, the manager cannot offer enough Southern Italy hospitality. He spoils his clients.

Da Mario in San Pedro looks just like a genuine Neapolitan trattoria and when it comes to hospitality you will find that Mario will make because when clients feel at home they will be back

They all have one thing in common, they offer a genuine service that creates regular clients because you will go back when you feel at home.

What is even most important is that they offer you Italian food as it should be and as it should taste with a flair for presentation and prices that anyone can afford.

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