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elotek telecom

Elotek Telecom S.L., one of the longest established telecommunications operator in Spain, is fully licensed and regulated by the 'Comision Del Mercado De Las Telecommunication' in Spain. They are also licensed operators in the United Kingdom.

Elotek are providers of low-cost fixed telephone services in Spain since 1992, when there was only one national telephone company (Telefonica) and the cost of making international telephone and fax calls was probably the highest in Europe. Despite intensive opposition from the national company, Elotek succeeded in reducing the cost of international calls by a massive 75% giving every individual and every business the freedom to choose with which company they make their calls.
What does it Cost
Connecting to Elotek with the object of reducing the cost of high telephone bills and charges is totally free. There are no connection charges to the service, no connection charges on calls and not even the cost of installing expensive equipment. Seeing is believing! Therefore once you have registered with Elotek, all you have to do is dial one of their prefix numbers and experience the saving of up to 75% on your phone bills for all calls, local, provincial, national and international.
Furthermore the billing is done on the seconds so you only pay for the exact duration of calls made. If you are a company, you may wish to commission your existing Telefonica line to route all your call traffic to the Elotek Network, this way you can ensure that no member of staff forgets to dial the code, you just dial the number on its own and 100% of all your calls benefit from this huge saving.
Monthly Statements & Payments
Land line users will receive monthly itemised statements of all calls made through the system. These will clearly show the date, time and duration of those calls and also the total cost shown in Euros. Payment is made at the end of each month either by charging your credit card or by direct debit to your bank account.
Getting started is very simple
Elotek Telecom are open during office hours to deal with all your queries in your own language, just call 902 020 720 and Elotek will send you an application form which you fill with your name and full address, plus the telephone numbers that you wish to have connected.
To access the service dial your allocated access code (1053, 1052, 107072), followed by the telephone number you require, including all codes, (i.e. - UK 1053 +00 44 207 123 4567). At the end of the calls, just hang up.
Of course this is just one of the many services that Elotek provide, a glance at their website.


will most certainly give you a far more comprehensive idea of their dedication to helping commerce and industry to communicate faster, better and cheaper. Working in partnership with Major telecoms companies they provide their customers with products and services that make life easier and are easy to manage and simple to integrate.

The Elotek concept is straight forward - Hardware, Telephone Calls, Internet Access, Maintenance and Support - One company, one bill, simple and effective communications.
 Benefits of the Service
• Service in 12 Languages.
• On the spot support.
• Absolutely clear lines with no interference.
• Guaranteed line access and security.
• Freephone to multilingual Customer Services.
• Low 24 hour call rates worldwide.
• No charges to your Telefonica phone, line or number.
• Fast free connection and no line rental charges.
• Elotek only charge after the first 6 seconds.
• Big Savings on your International Local, Provincial and National calls.
• No Connection Charges or Hidden Extras.
• No Joining fee.
• Itemised Billing on all calls.
• No call establishment charges.
• Use short prefix or preselected service.
• Free fully itemised billing.

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