Thursday, 17th June 2021

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Linea Directa Aseguradora

Linea Directa Aseguradora

The market leader in the sale of insurance for foreign residents in Spain.

Since 1998 it has offered its customer services in English and German, which include handling claims, selling policies or road assistance, among many others.

Francisco Valencia, Corporate Governance Director, introduces us to a new service: fine management. Francisco Valencia: “For Línea Directa, Expatriates form an essential part of our strategy” Línea Directa was the first Spanish insurer to offer its services in English and German. Why this commitment to Expatriates? For Línea Directa, Expatriates form an essential part of our strategy.

Since we set up Línea Directa, in 1995, we have forged close links to them, due to the fact that our company model was imported directly from England, and as a result offering services specifically designed for them was something quite natural. We currently have a portfolio of over 1.85 million policyholders, 64,000 of whom are foreign customers.

One of the latest services offered to Expatriates is fine management. What does it consist of and what advantages does it have?
Our service offers the foreign customer advice on traffic fines in  his or her own language, including notification of the official bulletins, a benefit specifically designed for Expatriates.


In Spain, when the person receiving the fine is not at home, he or she is considered to have been notified of the fine after it has been published in the Official Bulletin of the province where he or she resides, thereby reducing or even eliminating any chance of defence for someone who spends many months of the year abroad.

What does this service cover and what other benefits does it include?

Apart from the benefit that it can be used by any driver over 26 years of age, the cover also includes a payment of 500 euros to finance a road safety re-education course if the driven licence has been withdrawn.

Once again Línea Directa shows its commitment to its foreign customers residing in Spain, offering them the best services and
cover at the best price.

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