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Insuring your Spanish Registered Car

Insuring your Spanish Registered Car

Insuring your car in Spain is as compulsory as anywhere else, advise Martel & Urnieta Abogados.

Rather than making comparisons with other countries let’s just look at what is available in Spain and what it entails.

There are two types of motor vehicle insurance policies available in Spain.

  • Third party liability insurance (seguro de terceros o de responsabilidad civil obligatoria)
  • Fully comprehensive insurance coverage (Seguro a todo riesgo)
    The third party liability insurance is the minimum insurance required by Spanish law for driving a vehicle in Spain. It covers the risk of causing personal injury and damage to third party's persons and property (driver and passengers in another car at the time of the accident, passengers on the car who are not members of the insured family, pedestrians, damage to other cars and property…)

The maximum indemnity covered by this type of insurance  is:

  • In case of personal injury: € 336,566.78 per victim 
  • In case of property damage: € 96,161.94 per victim.

In the event of personal injury, the person responsible for the accident will not be obliged to pay indemnity if the injuries resulted through negligence on the part of the injured party or through “force majeure”.


Third party liability will not cover: 

  • Personal injury for the insured, the driver or the owner of the insured car. 
  • Any damage caused to the insured vehicle, the property kept in it, personal property belonging to the insured, to the driver, to the owner of the insured car and the spouse and relatives.

The policy does not cover any liability caused in any of the following circumstances:

  • If the driver were under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Where the vehicle is driven by any person unauthorized by the owner. 
  • Where the driver does not have driving license

All the same, in such cases, the insurance company shall pay the corresponding indemnity to the injured party, which may then be claimed against the insured.

Extra cover can be added to the insurance policy for the driver and passengers (seguro de ocupantes), which is strongly recommended so as to include the driver and his family, who would otherwise not be covered.

The Fully Comprehensive Policy (Seguro a todo riesgo), as the name implies covers all risks, mainly as follows: 

  • Injuries to the insured, the car owner, driver and the spouse as well as his/her family, relatives and other passengers in the vehicle.
  • Damages to the vehicle irrespective of how they were caused. This policy also includes coverage against fire and breakage of glass.
  • Damages of the car contents. 
  • Theft of the vehicle….

Should the insured fail to pay the premium, he or she will have 5 months grace and, if paid within this period of time, cover will be resumed in 24 hours. In order to contract a policy, it is advisable to show proof of no claims from your previous insurer, as this will help reduce the cost of your insurance premium.
If you have moved from another European country it may be possible that your old insurance company also operates in Spain, this would help to get a better rate as they can check your claims history much faster.

Of course as usual, we advise that these are just general guidelines and any questions referring to individual cases or circumstances should be directed to a Spanish Lawyer.

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