Saturday, 19th June 2021

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Websites you might like to know about

Websites you might like to know about

Various websites of interest

The mission at is to be the most comprehensive, accurate and personalised source of cancer information. They provide a FREE access to a full range of resources. It is claimed to be the single most valuable and credible online cancer resource. Treatment information, news and commentaries and clinical trail information.  is all about wild birds and the sport of birding. There are many species of birds right here in Andalucia, including eagles and even vultures. The sight provides lots of tips, birding FAQ, recent bird name changes, optics, videos, even software for your computer to keep track of the birds that you have spotted. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but birdwatchers will appreciate it.
Would you like to know which are the top 5 most requested films by your kids? Would you like to have a sneak preview of the new films? At you will be able to do so. You will also find out what new films are opening this week-end. Alternatively you may wish to search for films by titles, from a list or by other means.


Some of China’s leading avant-garde artists exhibiting online at You can view the whole collection, catalogues and authors’ biographies. 
It is possible to buy the artworks on line. Some of the painting are made available as free wallpapers..
For US$ 239.00 you can put the sparkle back into your life wiith the Sedona Method. At they guarantee a technique that will swiftly help you let go of the negative blocks that have been holding you back all your life. The course consists of 10 tapes and a book, said to be proven effective by a Harvard Medical School. Apparently Joan Collins swears by it.

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