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Road Accidents

Road Accidents

How to deal with a motor accident on Spanish Roads.

In case of a break down or a motor accident it is mandatory to place the triangular emergency signals at least 50 metres in front and behind the vehicles in question, so that they may be visible by other drivers from a distance of at least 100 metres.

Make sure that you are not a risk to yourself and other road users. If necessary seek the help of other drivers on the road, they are usually willing to help.

Drivers involved must exchange their names and addresses as well as information about their respective cars and the insurance

Companies.Preferably they should amicably agree to prepare a joint statement as to the circumstances leading to the accident and sign it and, if possible, it would be useful to add the names and addresses of independent witnesses otherwise call the local town's municipal police or the Guardia Civil so that they may prepare the report and get every one to sign it.



In case of "no personal injuries", then it enough just to send the signed statement to the insurance companies concerned, this avoids a considerable amount of bureaucracy and the necessity to proceed via the Courts.

There is a difference between personal injury and damage to property. The maximum period of time to submit claims is one week in the case of property damage and 6 months in the case of personal injury.

It is mandatory in Spain to have at least 3rd party insurance valid within the European Community plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland as well as the Check Republic, Slovenia, Croatia and Cyprus.

Although it is not a requirement, it is advisable to have a green card when travelling through Spain.

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