Thursday, 17th June 2021

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My Diary got run over!

My Diary got run over!

I placed my precious “Filofax” on the roof of the car, took my coat off, slung it on the back seat, sat in the car and drove off.

It wasnÂ’t until I had almost reached Estepona all the way from Fuengirola, that I suddenly remembered what I had done with my diary.
I called the client in Fuengirola, alas to no use. The diary was nowhere to be seen so I made my way back to look for it. I could not just leave at that and never know. When I got there I started retracing my moves, but to no avail.

I remember thinking that if this was back in England, some kind person would have taken it to the nearest police station or tried to contact me.


That is exactly when my wife called me to tell me that a lady had found my Filofax and that she was waiting for my call.
I couldnÂ’t believe it! I thought she must have been English but I was wrong and I felt very small for thinking otherwise.

I got my diary back, it had a tyre mark over it, the lady had found it on the carretera and she explained that she picked it up and phoned me because , she realized how terrible it must have been to lose it.

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