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The hottest months in Spain see the return of possibly the most unwelcome house guests in the world

Adult cockroaches can live for considerable periods of time up, to two years, if conditions are favourable. The first nymphs are very small and white when they exit their egg. They quickly darken within a few hours showing a similar uniform brown colour common to the whole group. They take several months before reaching the adult stage.

Cockroaches are able to fly but seem to do so rarely. Both temperature and diet affect flight and flight is uncommon in temperate climates as the flight muscles seldom reach a temperature where they can be activated.

Cockroaches are gregarious insects and can quickly reproduce to form huge populations within a domestic environment. Although essentially tropical in origin they are able to survive the temperate climates of both the northern and southern hemispheres by sheltering within warm human habitations.

Even though cockroaches seldom fly they are extremely fast runners and will run along surfaces usually where two meet, such as along skirting boards, or along cupboard backs which are not completely flush with the wall. They are nocturnal insects and spend most of their day resting in small cracks and crevices around the home.

Cockroaches most often live in kitchens near food. They also live in bathrooms, especially near plumbing and heating ducts. During the day they hide in small cracks under appliances, behind baseboards, in boxes, and in any other tight space they can find. Cockroaches are most active at night. Usually you or someone else in your home will see them in the evening, you may also see their eggs, which are the size and shape of kidney beans, or their faeces, which look like black pepper.


Cockroaches are an important health hazard because they can smell bad, put germs on our food and bring
sickness such as food poisoning and diarrhoea to your family. Some people are also allergic to cockroaches and may get asthma.

Cockroaches will eat anything--leftover human food, wood, leather, cigarette butts, coffee grinds, soap, faeces, fabric, shoes, paint and human hair and fingernails.

As well as being unsightly, bars and restaurants run the risk of being instantly closed down, should evidence of cockroach activity close to food intended for public consumption be discovered by the public health department.

The only really effective way to eliminate cockroaches from your home is by employing the services of a good pest control expert such as "Insect & Rodent Control Costa del Sol", who have over 30 years experience and all jobs carried out are guaranteed. Of course there are products available over the counter, but these are rarely effective for a major infestation and at best have a very limited effectiveness.

By employing a professional you are guaranteed peace of mind.

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