Saturday, 19th June 2021

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When in Rome

When in Rome

Whether you are religiously inclined or not, Easter in Rome offers a lot more allure then Easter in Marbella!

It would seem that they are at it again; the hoteliers of the Costa del Sol, that is.

We had a few nice days of weather over Easter and as a consequence, plenty of frozen tourists from further north of Europe (including Britain) turned up to thaw out for a couple of days.

Spain is not out of winter itself yet, and temperatures, although a lot higher then Britain are still not up to sunbathing speed; but hotel prices certainly are.


The Rocco Forte hotel, a five star hotel in the centre of Rome, was offering a luxury double room all over the Easter period for a very reasonable €90-95 per night, and with God's representative on earth right on your doorstep; what more could you ask at Easter? Whereas in Marbella, a similar five star hotel was €168 for the same spec room and instead of the Pope, you get a surely receptionist.

I haven’t named the Marbella Hotel, but I don’t need to, as all the hotels there were of a similar price. When will Spanish hoteliers wake up to the fact that the tourists will merely drift off to other locations if this blatant overpricing continues?

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