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Hacienda enforce control in property sector

This year Hacienda will enforce more control in the property sector.

Having uncovered fraud amounting to some 900 mi-llion between 2002 and 2003, this year the "Agencia Tributaria" will intensify controls in respect of fraud in all the different stages and processes of building, buying and selling property. This was announced by the institution's control director Salvador Ruiz Gallud.

Ruiz Gallud, accompanied by all other directors of the different departments of the Agencia Tributaria, pointed out that this success was obtained as a result of some 8,500 inspections carried out at different construction and promotion companies in the course of these last two years and after obtaining information on some 45,000 luxury dwellings.


Of course in 2004 priority will be given to fraud in respect of IVA and non declarations or false declarations for tax purposes.

The Agencia Tributaria will intensify its activity in all sectors of the industry; from construction and sales to all ancillary industries such cement suppliers, timber suppliers, etc. Not just so, but also they will fall quite heavily on those who abuse the Plusvalía system, avoid Capital Gains Tax and the renting and land speculative activities on the part of builders and selling companies.

Furthermore, new this year, the Revenue will start to look into certain luxury residential areas being used by contributors to falsely reduce substantially their tax bills.

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