Wednesday, 16th June 2021

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Slip slide away

Slip slide away

With the advent of winter and the bad weather setting in, now would be a good time to check the road worthiness of your tyres. Peter Fake tells us how to stay safe and legal this winter.

Do your tyres need replacing? Many people only notice the condition of their tyres after a problem has occurred. The heat of summer causes cracking and the tyre losing its elasticity, if the cracking is in the root of the tread or the sidewall the tyre will need replacing.

Every tyre is fitted with tread wear indicators (marked as > or TWI) on the groove of the tread are small raised areas of rubber, when the top of these are flush with the surface, the tyre has reached its safety limit and needs replacing.

For normal driving conditions there is little between the premium brands, as all premium brands are of the same specification it really comes down to price, although there is no real benefit to buying economy tyres as these are not built to the same specification as the premium brands.


“Run Flats” are the latest in tyre technology, enabling you to continue on your journey at normal driving speeds with a puncture, whereas a normal tyre will be ruined if used when flat, even for only a few hundred meters.

4x4 tyres, generally speaking, all off road tyres (from the same manufacturer) have the same structural makeup and it is only the tread patterns that differ. 4x4 tyres come in a variety of on and off road specifications the most common being 80/20, which means 80% town driving and 20% off road. The higher the latter number the more of a block tread for better mud clearance.

Rain tyres, are trade names of certain makes of tyre, all tyres have to perform in wet weather conditions. M+S stands for mud and snow, these tyres will withstand a certain amount of off- roading and snow conditions. The very heavy rain fall here during the winter months can make driving conditions hazardous, so for total peace of mind, now is a good time to carry out a tyre check yourself or visit a reputable fitter. 

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