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Never paint again!

Life time guaranteed wall coverings, make sure you use a reputable company.

Over a year ago we published an article entitled “Never paint again”. Recently we received an E-Mail from a customer of a company called “Euroetex” expressing his dissatisfaction with the work carried out and asking us to warn our readers of disreputable companies. 

The gist of the E-Mail is that the company claimed to supply a spray-on wall covering with a ten year / life time guarantee. The reality for this particular customer however, was a poorly executed job, with the paint flaking badly after just one year, pre- paint masking not being done properly and a failure to pressure wash the house prior to applying the paint.



Euroetex has since ceased trading, but it has been brought to our attention that is now operating under the name of “Never paint again”. The previous company claimed to use a paint supplied by “Renotex” and we believe that this was originally true; “Renotex” is a genuine company operating for 30 years in the UK. We spoke to “Renotex” and were told that any ties between themselves and “Euroetex” were severed some time ago.  It is thought “Euroetex” now use a poor quality paint of their own making.

There are reputable companies supplying a genuine service of this sort, however, do check the credentials of any tradesmen before agreeing to work being carried out and if not satisfied with the job withhold payments.

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Helpful information

I can add some helpful information. This man was based in La Nucia, Alicante. After knowing him personally, the following articles might help people track him down:

Rated: 1/5 (15th November 2013)

Editor's comments: Thank you for your help. In what circumstances did you meet him? I am sure that anyone interested will make use of the links

ignore the bogus comments posted on this page

everpaintagain/Lifecote of Plymouth - RIPOFF Neverpaint again of Plymouth are a bunch of scammers, you only have to see their website where they have Google adwords pushing other companies, and now they say their coating can cure swine flu LOL ref below.......... Rated: 1/5 (13th November 2009) Editor's comments: Really? Perhaps they should contact the health authorities on the new discovery!!! with ref to the comment here, this is a mentally unstable person called Mark Sutton of Oxford, who has spent the last 2 years of his massive amount of free time in posting untrue negative comments about a bad experience he had with a company who advertised on our website but has blamed us and has spent a lot of time doing so. I want the comments i mentioned, removed please. The original Never paint again has always championed consumer rights and our site is full of information on how to avoid getting ripped off by bogus tradesmen.

Rated: 5/5 (29th December 2010)

Never paint again spain

I am SO glad that I stumbled across your article!!'ve saved me loads of money and heartache!!...Yes! It still is 'cowboy' (spaghetti westerns?!) out here.....a shame that you aren't out here!!..but!..if you ever are....I do think that there would be many free sangrias/wine/whatever..bought for you..and many handshakes!

Rated: 5/5 (11th November 2010)

Neverpaintagain/Lifecote of Plymouth - RIPOFF

Neverpaint again of Plymouth are a bunch of scammers, you only have to see their website where they have Google adwords pushing other companies, and now they say their coating can cure swine flu LOL

Rated: 1/5 (13th November 2009)

Editor's comments: Really? Perhaps they should contact the health authorities on the new discovery!!!

The bogus Never Paint Again is at it again!

I wrote on this website about a year ago concerning this bunch of clowns who have ripped off many people across Spain. I have recently had even more emails and calls about this company! May I use your publication to remind people yet again that the company going under the name of "never paint again" in Spain is, and never has been, anything whatsoever, to do with the original and genuine NEVER PAINT AGAIN ( here in England. If you see an advert in Spain proclaiming "Never paint again", and if it does NOT have our trade mark and our UK phone number, it is bogus, not genuine and you should not contact them. I would love to help the people affected in some way but I do not quite see how! It saddens me greatly to hear of more and more cowboys ripping people off. Please, PLEASE, do not respond to door canvassers or leaflets advertising this in Spain as it will almost certainly be a con. If something is too good to be true, then it is. Unless an injected chemical damp proof course is applied to your house walls before any exterior coating work, an exterior wallcoating WILL NOT LAST. These coatings were designed for USA and UK houses, not Spanish ones. If the above is not followed, the coating will crack and bubble. By this time, the company would have vanished, just like they have done now. Always get recommendation from others who have had work done by a builder or a company before you engage someone to work on your home, and DO NOT PAY CASH IN HAND! get a proper written schedule of works, a price in writing and make sure they are an established company. I wish the victims of this scam well in finding the conmen who ripped them off.

Rated: 5/5 (23rd February 2009)

Editor's comments: Thank you once more for warning people. I think that we shall use your message as an article on our next edition to highlight the problem.

Never paint again scam

A guy called Nigel Houlden of Never Paint Again S.L. painted a property for us at La Marina. He charged 11.484 euros to do the job. I year later all the paint is flaking off, and guess what. Nigel Houlden has disappeared off the face of the earth.

Rated: 1/5 (4th January 2009)

Editor's comments: Well, I shall publish your comments and perhaps it will serve as a warning to others! Why, but why do people keep trusting others just because they seem nice and seem British? Always make sure, ask fro credentials, ask to speak to satisfied clients.

The genuine Never Paint Again

In response to this article, i must write to you and let you know that we, the owners of the brand NEVER PAINT AGAIN, (the real one) in ENGLAND, approached this company on a couple of occasions as they were illegally using our trade marked name but they did not co operate with us. I wish to assure all of our customers both past and present, that there is a real company called Never Paint Again ( and we offer the highest quality products and services to all types of customer in the UK, the USA, Spain and Gibraltar and we are NOTHING at all to do with the company mentioned in this article. If you ever see the phrase written and it is NOT accompanied by our official trademarked logo and our web address then it is FRAUD and we would appreciate members of the public bringing it to our attention. We are personally very angry at the people who used our name. Once again, eurotex and the company that called themselves NEVER PAINT AGAIN are frauds and cowboys and have never ever been associated in any way with our company or organisation. The Never Paint Again brand is a trusted brand and our products are applied to homes and factories the world over. You really can rest assured, whenever we hear about something like this, we ALWAYS take action. Thank you.

Rated: 3/5 (11th October 2005)

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