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News Round

Some news that may be of interest.

IT WAS AN EMOTIONAL MOMENT when, on the 10th of June 2000, the graduation ceremony took place at “Les Roches-Marbella”.

Diplomas and medals were awarded to more than 30 students who have successfully concluded their three years hard course in Hotel Management. The school’s Principal, Mrs. María Teresa Gonzalo, reminded all ex-students to maintain united through the Alumni Association, regardless of where in the world they might choose to work. The first and second year students treated all the guests  to a cocktail.

 ONLINE MOVIES ARE  COMING TO THE  (VERY) SMALL SCREEN, according to Underground who have been  planning to bring movies to handheld devices by the end of June this year.

“The really fun idea with wireless is that it gives people a quick bit of content” said Mike Kelly, chief executive of, he also told ZDNet reporters: “The wireless operators should be jazzed because it is an opportunity for all new-services”.

To view a film, users need to download the ActiveSky player from the company´s web site and then visit the Undergroundfilm portal to select a title from it cross-genre offerings.

The project is set to be a precursor to the emergence of 3G - forthcoming technology that will allow broadband data transmissions to reach the coming generation of Internet enabled mobile phones.

Last month another cinematic first for the web debuted at the Cannes Film Festival. Online video specialists BeHere and the Intel Corporation, unveiled The New Arrival, a dynamic short film that uses innovative web software to offer viewers full 360-degrees interaction.


THE 26TH OF JUNE LAST, saw the launch of the new Solbank web site stated to be the first banking service via Internet aimed exclusively at foreign residents in Spain. offers a full range of financial services from direct banking to mortgages and financial advice that gives access to world-wide finance markets. While the golf tournament game is assured to offer a few distracting hours to any player that wishes to test his skills while the Estate Agent pages on line and the information pages can be quite useful. With the option of English and German, the site is well worth a visit even if it is just to have a chat in the chatroom. Pretty good stuff!


Computer security experts have intercepted the first virus designed for the wireless age, THE SPAMMING MOBILE PHONE VIRUS.

The virus, similar to last month’s “ILOVEYOU” worm, was written to target phones on the Spanish Telefonica network, it is called “TIMOFONICA”. In Spanish,  “timo” means prank or scam. Telefonica, owner of the country’s largest cell phone network, said that it had received no reports of problems with experts believing  that they have caught the virus before it could strike.

According to Mikko Hypponen, chief scientist for the Finland based F-Secure antivirus company, “Timofonica” is spread in the traditional manner - as an e-mail attachment. When a recipient opens the infected attachment, the virus, plus a message critical to Telefonica, are sent to each mail address in his or her address book. The twist in this virus is that it also sends a text message to randomly selected cell phones on Telefonica’s network each time it spreads. “It does not infect the phones themselves, but they get a prank message”, said Hypponen.

If altered to send large numbers of text messages, the virus could clog up a whole network, experts warned. The security experts say that the Spanish virus foreshadows  the beginning of attacks on other hand-held devices like Palms and Microsoft Pocket Pcs.

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